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What is the different between Bio Gel Nails and others?

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Bio Sculpture could be a terribly totally different product to different gels and hybrid gel polishes, the most distinction being that Bio Sculpture won't cause any harm to the natural nails. Most gel systems on the market ar acrylic based mostly and can't be removed while not damaging the natural nail. Another distinction of our system compared to others on the market is that there's no want for primers or dehydrators so as for the gel to stick to the natural nail. The new hybrid gel polish formulas ar somewhere between nail enamel and Bio Sculpture Gel. They last plenty longer than regular nail enamel, however don't seem to be nearly as lasting as Bio Sculpture Gel. At Bio Sculpture we have a tendency to ar terribly happy with our distinctive and delicate formulation that see shoppers maintaining healthy nails while still having the ability to wear a nail improvement or non chip manicure. we are able to offer gel sculptures, for those trying to elongate the nails, downside nails and repair broken nails, supply distinctive nail art and add strength to nails, that hybrid nail polishes don't seem to be ready to supply so far.

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